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I can quit acting for my man – Titilola Ajayi

Ajayi Titilola Gbemisola is beginning to pull some strings as an actress of note in the movie industry. Just recently she premiered her own very film “Titilola, The Movie” powered by Olasco Films to respectable acclaim in the industry. She is a graduate of Mass Communications from Ajayi Crowther University. She speaks with Potpourri on the industry, her personal life and more.

Acting is something I love to do; maybe because I am a free artistic person, so most times I seem not to take life seriously because acting comes to me naturally. I am a very emotional person, so when it comes to putting myself in a situation I need to cry, it comes naturally. As a happy girl? it comes naturally too. My whole life and person is all about acting. I don’t have to force it or make any effort, once is action it flows naturally. I love cooking. I love meeting smart and interesting people. I hate liars and I hate pretenders. I am the only child of my parents. I am a happy girl, less worries, zero worries.

Childhood fantasies

My role models are Aunt Bukky Wright, Aunt Ayo Adesanya and the late Rachel Oniga. They know how to interpret their roles well and I love them for it. I have always wished to be like them.

On women flaunting their sexuality on social media

I don’t judge women flaunting their sexuality on social media. Whatever makes you happy, please stick to it because we are only here for a limited time. Mental health is very important. and I want to believe that as adults, anybody doing such, has their reasons. If doing so is what it takes to keep your mental health going, please do. There are too many stories of depression and people wanting to kill themselves.

Love and money

Due to my zodiac sign which is Cancer, we are lovers; we love family, we love nature, and we love simplicity. For a relationship, if you love only money, what happens when the money is not there again, how do you intend to cope? Only God knows tomorrow, so if you go in for the money, you might not really get it right, because, by the time the money finishes, you guys would be in trouble. So, I am a believer in real love because God is love, so it is love for me because I am a lover girl.

On runs girls in the industry

I don’t believe there are runs girls in the industry. I don’t subscribe to the idea that we have runs girls in the industry. When you mention runs girls, it looks like you are diminishing the females in the industry and I won’t take that.


My mission as an artist is to make people happy, impact lives, and just give everything back to God. I want people to see me and say I have touched their lives through a movie I did and pray for me.


Yes, I have limits in taking up roles. Yes, I do have limits. I can’t act nude or semi-nude, every other thing is a yes.

Quitting acting

I can quit acting for my man; marriage can make me quit if my man is not an industry person. I am not an extremist and I can do it if he asks me to quit. I can quit acting for my husband.



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