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Buhari administration worse than military govt, says Ortom

Benue State governor, Gov. Samuel Ortum has stated that Buhari led administration is worst than military led administration. He spoke to the journalist today after returning from Abuja.

He said the nation has never been this divided even under the military administration.  He said the worst military regime is better than this.

He said that after the success of the just concluded PDP convention last Saturday, he believes in they will able to rekindle the hope of Nigerians.

He however urged Nigerians to support the opposition party PDP as they are ready to rescue the country’s Economy.

He said he has read the history of Nigeria and has never seen in a state that is this bad. He even said that the military administration that people use to complain of as worst is still better than this.

The governor alleged that the present farm settlement that is been clamoured by the current administration is for the expansion of the Fulani’s. He revealed that the proposed settlement is to bring Fulani’s from other countries to Nigeria.

Gov. Samuel Ortum stated that he has no problem with the indigenous Fulani’s cohabiting with them in their state but he won’t allow the president to bring foreign terrorist to take over their state.



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