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How God saved me from kidnappers

  1. A man on Facebook known as Igbo Mallam narrated how God saved him from Kidnappers.

“Just exactly when i was about to take my bath at exactly 12:05 a.m today, i saw flash light outside the gate.I got wary of the numbers of legs i was seeing under the gate.I offed my light, came out and tiptoed to the gate to know what they were doing there.It could be local vigilantes or herders that normally travel with the their herds of cows and sheep at night.So i asked who was at the gate, and the replied saying they were policemen patrolling and that i should open the gate.I told them i can’t open the gate for any policeman/woman by this time of the night.I started intimidating them to flee the gate before i change my mind.Just when i shifted from the very spot i was standing, they fired two live bullets.I ran back. Started screaming, while they made their way in.I quickly lay on the ground even before they instructed with my bleeding arm.Piece of metals from the gate they shot made way into my arm.They turned my room upside down. Ordered me to bring them money, i which hurriedly did. I gave them what i had.I gave them all.They took bread, clothes, half bag of rice and anything they could lay hands on.They Started firing taking us along with them.They had me, my neighbor and few others they must had kidnapped from another street a little for from mineThey collected my phone from me.While going out, they took me with them.On getting outside the gate, my neighbor was sitting on the ground. They had already robbed and kidnapped him before coming to my place.They took us into the bush, racing for almost an hour.Suddenly the stopped and asked us all to sit on the ground.They said to my neighbor “We were informed that you sell cars so where is the money”.My neighbor told them they were misinformed, that he doesn’t even deal in cars, and he has nothing.They turned to me “You just sold your fishes so where is the money”.I told them my fish weren’t much, just 200 and i have paid my rent with it and the rest is what they took.We started begging them in tears.They flogged the living daylight out of my neighbor.One of them came at me insulting me for being a Christian, but the rest of his gang members objected. Saying he should never talk about religion here.They told him, they will gun him down if he insult Christianity or any other religion.They gave me back my phone, saying they don’t take Android because it’s trackable.They freed i and my neighbor and asked us not to tell anyone in my neighborhood they didn’t collect large amount of moneyMy people that is how i escaped death and kidnap.”



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