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YoungStar Talent’ biography: most interesting facts

He is a Nigerian rising and promising singer, who is definitely going to become a big star in the music industry. Young star Talent has already earned great reputation and love from the audience due to his special style in music.

YoungStar Talent: life and career

Youngstar Talent is a young and promising Nigerian hip-hop singer and songwriter, whose singing career is in its prime of life. For his faithful fans, he is also known by his birth name Yesiru Okikiola Oluwakolapo . Youngstar talent was born in Ondo state Owo, on the 13th of April in 1999.

His career started with a single on song titled as “Eye Adaba”, which was produced by Sixco blaze. And his followed debut track ” Shole ye won” featured Roskodhino.

Also, our youngstar had an opportunity to perform at shows in several States on several occasions.

YoungStar Talent’ songs are gaining audience attraction, and numerous people appreciate his afro style. You can safely assume that the so-called “street” audience admires YoungStar and he certainly admires his fans likewise.

YoungStar Talent songs:

YoungStar Talent managed to create his own niche in the music business due to his particular manner, in which he combines Yoruba and English and this style makes him look quite outstanding in comparison to other upcoming artistes despite his young age.

He dropped a comment “I was once a rapper back in those days, but right now am a singer of both Afro beat, hip hop, trap and pop”. He said;

Youngstar talent is also famous for being a gifted singer, performer in various Nigerian states, particularly in the part of Nigerian country. YoungStar talent is scheduled to perform at several concerts.


He attended Ansar ur Deen comprehensive high school And in Political Science and International studies crescent university Abeokuta.



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