The 53-year-old told The Sun, “You get pissed. I’ll say, from my stance, I was disappointed. You break bread with people and he was a member of the family who sat at the table with my parents.”

That said, Tommy says he doesn’t consider his former brother-in-law an enemy.

“I don’t have any enemies; I wouldn’t start with Kevin Hunter — we’re all God’s children and we’re all here on borrowed time,” he explained. “We all make very big mistakes at times and we all have regrets during our lives.”

Tommy says that while Kevin wasn’t able to stay “on course” with his marriage to Wendy, he thinks it ended up being the best for his sister.

“I think that if  this baby situation didn’t come along there’s no telling how much longer she would have stayed? remained? in that painful marriage,” he said.

Tommy Williams also told the publication that Wendy’s divorce only compacted the grief she dealt with after their mother passed away a year ago. He notes that the entire family has been struggling since losing her.

Wendy Williams also hasn’t been able to return to her talk show. Over the weekend, reports began circulating that she has been suffering from the effects of early-onset dementia. Tommy, however, told The Sun that his sister has not been “displaying that type of behavior” to the family.

“We haven’t had any alerts like that and I haven’t seen anything like that or have had conversations with her that would lead me to believe that,” he said. I