On January 15, the Oscar winner serenaded Anelise Foxx during a private concert in Dallas, Texas while in Dallas to watch the Cowboys play.

Initially, Foxx and his youngest daughter checked into the Thompson Dallas hotel prior to dining at nearby Italian restaurant Monarch.

After dinner, the father-daughter duo enjoyed the rest of their evening in a penthouse suite at Thompson Dallas, where Foxx performed. Afterward, Foxx sat with his daughter and kissed her on the forehead.

According to a guest at the event, “Jamie is a really sweet father. He was by his girl the entire night and left the party to put her to bed,” according to PEOPLE.

“The reason we’re in Dallas this weekend, for one, is the Cowboys game. We are Cowboys all the way to our graves! So we’re rooting them on,” Foxx told PEOPLE of the evening and his whiskey brand. “But the other big, big, big reason we’re here is because of BSB. We had a tastemaker at Thompson Dallas, a beautiful hotel here in Dallas, to allow people to taste the product and enjoy it like I’ve enjoyed since being part of the BSB crew and being the owner of BSB.”

A “very proud Texan,” Foxx shares that his whiskey is “perfect for me and what I wanna do and what I wanna be behind.”

“This brand isn’t velvet ropes and VIPs. It’s for everybody,” he explains. “It’s for all of us to enjoy so that’s why when it comes to going out and selling it and hanging out with the crowd, it’s perfect because that’s just the vibe that the spirit is.”