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Bobrisky postpones housewarming over ‘aso-ebi design’ controversy

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky, has announced that his highly anticipated housewarming has been postponed indefinitely.

The crossdresser in a viral video said he postponed his ‘multi-million’ housewarming party because a lady who follows him on Snapchat copied his aso-ebi design and made over 500 copies to sell to people at Lagos Island.

“Okay, so, quick one guys. You guys know that on the 29th was supposed to be my house warming party. 29th of January was supposed to be my house warming party. You know, the celebration of my new house,” he began.

“So, something has been happening since three weeks ago. You know, it’s super sad that people don’t want me happy. People just don’t like me happy, they just want to see me sad.

“No they want to see themselves sad, not me. Because me, I’m a happy girl.

“Guys, can you believe that somebody went and took a screenshot of that my aso-ebi. Both the male and female.

“This lady, she’s following me on Snapchat. She took a screenshot of the aso-ebi for the female. Remember I posted aso-ebi for the female and the male.

“And the reason why I posted the aso-ebi, normally I wouldn’t have posted it. But because, I felt like all my friends that would be attending are preparing to have an idea of what the aso-ebi looks like, especially the girls. Get their shoes ready, get their accessories ready.

“This lady went and made the exact aso-ebi that I, Bobrisly want to use for my house warming party. She made over 500.

Continuing, Bobrisky said: “How did I know? I noticed that they called me at Lagos Island. My sister’s friend called me and said one lady is making my aso-ebi.

“When they called me at Lagos Island that there’s a woman in the market that she’s making my aso-ebi, the same thing, the exact colour and design. That she saw it on my Snapchat. I was super upset. How can people be evil?

“So you follow me on Snapchat to see everything I do and you want to copy the exact aso-ebi, so you can be selling for people. Immediately, we called the factory.

“The factory has made over 100 but I told them I am going to pay for anything. We should change our design. Change our colour. Shebi she’s smart abi?

“Change the head tie, change everything. That was the reason why I did not even bother collecting money from anybody. I want to use my money to do everything. And when the aso-ebi arrives in Nigeria, I’m going to start collecting money from people.

“The only mistake I made was to have posted the aso-ebi on Snap chat and when my sister saw it, she was so upset. She quarreled with me. She said: “Why did you post it, Bobrisky? People will go and copy it and they sell to people and you will not make your money”.

In conclusion, the Instagram celebrity said: “The annoying thing now is I cannot even cancel the aso-ebi because I have paid so much money to factory to make me so much aso-ebi for people that want to buy.

“So now, we have to change the date of the party, I won’t even announce it yet until the aso-ebi arrive Nigerian.

“So pending now, we have changed the date for my housewarming party. I want the asoebi to arrive Nigeria first. I am not going to pick any date now until the aso-ebi arrives my house like this then, I’ll change the date and announce it to you guys.

In December 2021, the popular crossdresser Bobrisky announced preparation plans for his ‘luxurious’ house warming party.

On August 26, Bobrisky claimed to have spent over N500million to organise his 30th birthday party that was to take place on the 31st of the same month.

He also disclosed he bought himself a birthday gift worth N500million and would be uploading pictures of it sometime in October as the interior was undone.

According to him, he will show off the full mansion by December ending and he will have an official housewarming on January 29th 2022.

“Showing you small view of my new Mansion worth over 400,000,000….New house opening is 29th Jan date sealed. Posting d full Manson ending of dis month. Waiting for them to round up at the site,” he wrote.

On December 14, Bobrisky shared a photo via his Instagram page, which displayed the contents of his house warming invites.

The picture posted captured a beautiful package containing an iPad, a bottle of champagne, a gold cup, Dolce& Gabbana perfume, an invitation card and the aso-ebi for the day.

He captioned post: “Your Aso ebi for my house warming party comes with iPad, Ace of spade, Dolce and Gabbana perfumes and champagne glass cup. Luxury party for billionaires only. Save d date JAN 29th.”



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