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How I was almost accused of stealing in London hotel – Comedian Bovi

Prominent Nigerian comedian, Bovi Ugboma, has shared a recent ordeal he had at a London hotel where he was nearly accused of stealing.

In a series of Instagram stories on Wednesday, the ace funnyman revealed how he told officials at the London hotel to ‘google’ him during an interrogation, to save himself.

According to him, he was trying to check into a hotel in London, and on arrival, he was asked to present the card he used in booking the room.

Bovi noted that he made it clear to the hotel that his wife, using her card, helped him book the hotel and she was in Nigeria. He stated that his explanation did not make the situation better as they thought he was trying to steal.

The comedian further noted that the matter turned worse when his card declined.

To save himself from the situation, Bovi revealed that for the first time in his life, he used the word ‘google me.’

In his post, the actor also referred to a popular con man, who goes by the name Simon Leviev, known for the Ponzi scheme and internet scam Bovi noted that Leviev had ‘spoilt everywhere’ with his escapades and has made organizations more alert to scams and cyber theft.

The comedian wrote, “Simon Leviev did spoil everywhere o. Tryna check into a hotel in London and they insist I present the card that was used for the booking.

“I tell them it was done for me by my wife and she’s in Naija. That made it worse. They think I’m stealing. Then to crown am my oard dey decline.

“For the first time in my life, I said the words ‘google me’.”



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