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Fuel Scarcity hits Abuja

Most fuel stations are clogged with vehicles and long queues as petrol scarcity hits more in Abuja.

Journalist who monitored the situation at the Federal Capital on Saturday says long queue were noticeable at fuel station as early as 5am.

Some motorists who spoke with NAN expressed worries and anxiety as to the day the scarcity would end.

Mr Ifeanyi Chukwudi, a motorist, blamed the NNPC for not explaining to Nigerians the reason behind the fuel scarcity even after promising to inject 2.1 billion litres of petrol into the system by the end of February.

Today is Feb. 26; the queue in Abuja is unprecedented since the coming of this administration; we have not witnessed such queues; so what is responsible? The NNPC should explain,’’ he said.

Mr Biola Akande, a taxi driver said he got to the fuel station as early as 5 a.m., but met a long queue, adding that such development would not augur well for the country and the economy.



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