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Everton boss Lampard; “It has been frustrating, I am not going to lie”

Everton boss Frank Lampard admits he’s been frustrated having a number of key players unavailable since his arrival.

The Blues head into tonight’s game against Newcastle United in desperate need of all three points as they aim to avoid the drop. Everton currently sit outside the relegation zone on goal difference.

He said: “It has been frustrating, I am not going to lie. We lost two centre-backs, I think Demarai has started two league games for us, one that he had to come off after 20 minutes.

“So, big players for us. Dominic is another one. It has meant I have had to change the system more than I want – even though when we change the system I don’t want to change the idea.

“But I have had to make up for the players we are missing. We have had quite a few illness situations running into games where I haven’t divulged it out loud but people have been suffering before. They have just about been fit so can’t start.

“But a lot of football clubs are having that now so I’m not relying on that. For me on face value we have missed big players and that has prevented us getting some stability in selection, which is what we strive for because that helps the consistency.”

The Everton boss has also opened up on how he wants to see his side play. Lampard is keen to see his side have more possession as well as being more aggressive and organised.

“If it was not front football before I got here then it was also not working. We were conceding a lot of possession, we were conceding a lot of chances, and we were losing points,” he responded when asked if he wanted his side to be more free flowing.

“For me I had to come in and work out how it maybe looks different. When you say front foot I get what you are saying. If that means more aggressive in terms of trying to win the ball back in higher areas of the pitch then I am with that and that is exactly how I want to play.

“Because the brutal reality of football is sometimes the higher you can win the ball back the better chance to score. The higher and further away you are from your goal the less chances you are giving your team. Of course once a team plays through your press, which happens in the Premier League, you have to be compact. Like deeper in the pitch there.

“When I talk before about how I want my teams to play, it is aggressive. But it has to be organised. For instance against (Manchester) City we defended pretty much zonally, but were aggressive within our zone and it was as good as you can do against City.

“They beat everyone off the park with 75 percent possession. But the team has shown they can do it. But to get consistency is another question and it is harder. So we work towards that. In terms of possession, I want us to have more possession. I want possession for a reason. I also understand the club I am working at and the feeling of what the fans want.

“They want us to move the ball quickly through the lines and up the pitch. And I am all for that. So we work consistently on that. The players through working have to get better at it without a doubt and that will work.”



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